Green Awards 2021 : Groupama Immobilier Golden Winner !

The film Charpente: after the disaster, the reconstruction

It was April 15, 2019, around 6:20 pm. The whole world was witnessing live the fire of the Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral and the fall of its famous spire. This fire triggered, the very next day, an enormous surge of generosity from many groups, including the Groupama group, which, along with other partners in the wood industry, committed to donating all of the century-old oak trees needed to rebuild the frame and the spire.

This film, produced in collaboration between Groupama Immobilier (Groupama Forestry Company) and the Group HRD (Group Internal Communication), relates this collective work, from the choice of the hundred-year-old oaks from our forests in Normandy to the work of the journeymen, who use the same tools and techniques as in the 12th century.

This is also our reason for being.

Discover the film La Charpente – Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral:

IT NIGHT COMPETITION : Groupama Immobilier Golden Winner !

On May 31, 2021, IT Night was held, the night of the digital company, initiated and organized by REPUBLIK IT. This competition, which brings together 800 professionals, celebrates the most beautiful innovations in several categories such as: the most innovative IT project, the most innovative IT solution, the best supplier/customer collaboration or collaboration between large groups and digital agencies.

It is with the FABERNOVEL team and A4MT that Groupama immobilier wins the gold medal for the Looping. immo project in the customer-supplier co-construction category. This beautiful project is above all a collaboration which has, hand in hand, developed a construction platform for the future of tomorrow in favor of the circular economy.

Discover the project:

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Groupama will unveil today an outline of the future Groupama Campus, the first real campus in the La Défense business district of Paris. Groupama Campus aims to become the most accessible campus in the Grand Paris area.

Groupama brought together five entirely renovated and restructured buildings on the terraces of the Arche de la Défense, adjacent to Paris proper, covering a total surface area of 65,000 m² (700,000 square feet). It is France’s second largest leasehold of 2017.

3,300 Groupama employees and eight Paris Region entities will be based here.

This real estate project combines three elements that are usually considered incompatible:

  • the characteristics of a real campus: five buildings, including a facilities and relaxation area, green spaces, pooled services, and seamless movement between the various sections.
  • great transport connections: directly on the RER A subway line and on the future E and 15 lines
  • a diversified urban environment: 500 companies, housing, 45,000 students, the new U Arena…

Groupama Campus is one of the symbols of La Défense’s transformation: known chiefly for its skyscrapers, the business district will henceforth be thought of in terms of its campuses, horizontal and open onto their urban surroundings.

See the press kit on Groupama Campus and an interview with Laetitia GEORGE, Groupama Immobilier’s Head of Commercial Asset Management, attached to this general presentation.

Download the press kit

Download the interview with Laetitia GEORGE