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Real estate culture

Real estate culture

« Together, let’s imagine the real estate of tomorrow »

Ambitious real estate projects, innovative office spaces, shops that keep main streets buzzing, well-managed forests… We take care of a diverse cultural and natural heritage on behalf of our customers.

Groupama Immobilier, an innovative player in real estate
Connected environments, new places for work and leisure, co-working spaces, the e-business revolution, new means of communications via social networks, hypermobility… Our ways of life and our methods of inhabiting the planet have changed. This is why Groupama Immobilier constantly innovates to adapt to the needs of tomorrow and offer a wide range of tailored services to its clients and investors.

A core business mobilizing all the skills of the real estate value chain
Groupama Immobilier implements, on the properties acquired and managed on behalf of Groupama Group’s insurance companies and third party institutions, all the skills of the real estate value chain: asset management, property management, investment management, technical development and major projects, sustainable development and innovation, legal, fiscal and financial engineering… Groupama Immobilier thereby provides its investor clients a certified turnkey offer for a unique and diversified real estate heritage.

Objectives creating value
Groupama Immobilier aims to: maximise the overall profitability of real estate investments; increase the value of the assets managed in a comprehensive and forward-looking way; acquire, sell and manage new types of office assets that are efficient, innovative and match the needs of end users, our tenants; extend our service offering by integrating the latest technologies and working methods.