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Forest Assets


A national heritage

As a major forest manager in France, with nearly 52,000 acres of forests in its portfolio, Groupama Immobilier is the warden of a remarkable natural heritage composed of 75% coniferous and 25% deciduous trees.

Committed to sustainable forest management

100% of the forests Groupama Immobilier manages are PEFC certified. The company adapts its forestry practices to climate change by selecting tree species adapted to the environment’s long-term evolution. We also conduct studies on carbon storage in forests, highlighting its beneficial role in mitigating the greenhouse effect.

Groupama Immobilier takes into consideration its forests’ ecosystems to contribute to the balanced development of biodiversity. Our methods also pay particular attention to wildlife management, as well as to the choice of species and the conservation of habitats.

 Specialists of Forest Asset Management

Groupama Immobilier’s role is to search for, analyse and select investment opportunities – and manage their acquisition. But we also manage forest properties, as part of our Asset Management business: thanks to our experts’ know-how, we ensure properties’ sustained long-term profitability through forest management, timber sales and the leasing of hunting rights.

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Our mission is to develop and diversify our principals’ forest portfolios by seeking new investment opportunities. This is extended by balanced forest management, combining productivity, renewal of species and increased biodiversity. These green investments contribute to a diversified real estate portfolio.