groupamma immobilier


Creating value through innovation

Groupama Immobilier anticipates economic and technological transformations to build new horizons and take into account the evolution of sustainable cities.

New technologies and social models are emerging. New ways of inhabiting the city are taking shape. Groupama Immobilier innovates to make buildings and their use evolve in line with occupants’ needs.

Groupama Immobilier brings together all the required talent to ensure its real estate projects make sense and match the practices and aspirations of its users. Third places and co-working facilities are disrupting working modes and conventional office spaces. Groupama Immobilier innovated with the launch, in its own offices, of LA RUCHE (The Beehive), a new collaborative and nomadic space in Paris for its employees, who take an active part in this transformation of the living environment.



Sustainable planet

Groupama Immobilier’s contribution to sustainable cities is to maintain properties by respecting their histories. We also innovate during renovation to give back to the city all the benefits it already provides, according to the principles of responsible management.

Groupama Immobilier takes into account the environmental, economic, social and cultural issues that it considers part of its responsibility as an investor. Our goal is to create a sustainable city in which we can live better together, to ensure a high quality of living in our buildings without compromising the future.




Responsabilities and values

Groupama Immobilier’s responsibility is to provide its clients with spaces where their ideas come to life. These buildings should spawn new ecosystems — and support their projects’ growth.

As part of our CSR policy, we provide NGO Solid’Office with temporarily vacant office space to create a co-working venue for jobseekers. Equipped and connected workstations are rented for a modest, fixed price, all services included. This initiative reflects our commitment to a socially responsible investment and management policy.

Groupama Immobilier proves that it is possible to anticipate people’s future expectations and generate financial value by creating and sharing benefits for society and the environment.