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23 juin 2021

Green Awards 2021 : Groupama Immobilier Golden Winner !

The 10th edition of the Deauville Green Awards 2021 was held in Deauville on June 16 and 17, with a record number of nearly 500 films in competition from all over the world. Among the hundred or so finalist films, the film Charpente was awarded a gold prize in the "Sustainable resources: land, sea and forests" category.

The film Charpente: after the disaster, the reconstruction

It was April 15, 2019, around 6:20 pm. The whole world was witnessing live the fire of the Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral and the fall of its famous spire. This fire triggered, the very next day, an enormous surge of generosity from many groups, including the Groupama group, which, along with other partners in the wood industry, committed to donating all of the century-old oak trees needed to rebuild the frame and the spire.

This film, produced in collaboration between Groupama Immobilier (Groupama Forestry Company) and the Group HRD (Group Internal Communication), relates this collective work, from the choice of the hundred-year-old oaks from our forests in Normandy to the work of the journeymen, who use the same tools and techniques as in the 12th century.

This is also our reason for being.

Discover the film La Charpente – Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral:

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