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Our HR commitments

Our HR commitments

“Together, let’s reinvent real estate”

Groupama Immobilier creates value for its clients by breathing life into stone and steel. Internally, we are revealers of talent. Like the company itself, our people are dynamic and adaptable. The job at hand might change, but some things stay the same: innovation, trust, responsibility. These form the basis of our value and strength.

Making a difference: committed, multitalented employees
To carry out its strategy, Groupama Immobilier invests in its human capital. Our HR policy focuses on the diversity of employees’ profiles and experience, as well as their sense of commitment and responsibility.

The cornerstone of our management principles: trust
Our strong values are shared by everyone inside the company. Balancing the need for performance with the requirement of responsible and committed behaviour, they are key to achieving our ambitions.

Focused on collective development
Groupama Immobilier’s innovative HR policy has a single, overarching objective: to grow the company’s skill pool through effective internal training, job mobility and professional development. Our cross-departmental management also encourages employees to take initiative and responsibility, with ambitious collective and individual objectives that are clear and measurable – and recognition for effort and performance.

Our employees, the source of our performance
The HR department sees itself as a Business Partner of the company’s other functions and lines of business, sharing their challenges. The department is also a People Partner, encouraging employees to take the initiative in their professional development, maximising their contribution to the company’s performance.

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