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Our talents

Our talents

At Groupama Immobilier, the diversity of talents optimises collaboration. It enables us to combine engagement and performance.

Our philosophy: to integrate diverse profiles
Our recruitment policy focuses on identifying a variety of high-potential profiles that fit in with the company’s values. This is why we recruit both experienced professionals but also many interns and part-time students – through partnerships with schools specialised in our line of business.

Our principles: trust and equal opportunity
To build team spirit and trust, Groupama Immobilier organises every year an onboarding day for new recruits, with the participation of the Executive Committee and members of the Senior Management.

Equal opportunity for men and women is an imperative established at the top of the company and shared by all the teams.

Our objective: to help employees develop their skills
Groupama Immobilier supports the development of its employees’ skills with à la carte training provided in innovative ways, as well as through real opportunities for internal mobility.

Evolving internal responsibilities
Groupama Immobilier encourages employees to take initiative and responsibility, thanks to specific missions within many strategic, cross-departmental projects. We also promote internal mobility and changes in career paths.

Contributing to the development of skills
The training offered by Groupama Immobilier – from core business activities to specialisations and management practices – boost our people’s employability and contribute to their levels of responsibility and professional development.

Encourage initiative, stimulate collective & individual performance
At Groupama Immobilier, we work in project mode. This innovative approach enhances individual contributions and drives collective performance.

Mixed-objectives contracts to deliver collective and individual value
Every year, managers and employees sign a contract listing individual targets and collective objectives related to Groupama Immobilier’s strategy. This approach fosters trust and delivers value for everyone.