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29 mars 2018

Extending our patronage of the Palladio Foundation

Groupama Immobilier continues to support the action of the Fondation Palladio, under the auspices of the Fondation de France. We will back the Foundation’s work in 2018 and 2019 and its mission of helping to invent and build the city, the living environment and workspaces of the future, to anticipate the needs and practices of the coming decades, and to create smart, inclusive, sustainable cities.

All the disciplines that contribute to the “factory” of the city are involved and invited to contribute: development, architecture, construction, law, economics, finance, real estate, engineering, sociology, urban planning, etc.

This year, several key topics will be addressed:

  • Longer life expectancy and new real estate and urban responses.
  • The emergence of the “Society of Urban Dwellers” and the development of megacities (Grand Paris, etc.).
  • The evolution of technologies and their impact on real estate and urban development (BIM, 3D printing, additive construction, etc.).
  • Resource scarcity and energy savings in buildings and the city.
  • The evolution of behaviour and practices and its impacts on real estate and urban development (the third place, coworking, participatory housing, e-commerce…).
  • The land and property revolution.
  • Consideration of human factors in real estate and urban development (impoverishment, exclusion, etc.).

The challenges are many. They are technical, technological and human in nature and Groupama Immobilier is delighted to contribute to this wonderful collaborative adventure.

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