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Forest Assets


A major manager of forests in France with some 51,000 acres of forests in its portfolio, Groupama Immobilier is the warden of a remarkable natural heritage.

Groupama Immobilier provides an end-to-end service, carrying out research, analysis, the selection of investment opportunities and their acquisition. But we are also actively involved in managing the forest assets: forest management, wood sales, rental of hunting grounds.

Groupama Immobilier is committed to sustainably manage the forests under its care
100% of the forests we manage are PEFC certified. Groupama Immobilier adjusts its management methods to climate change by selecting adapted tree species. We carry out studies on forest carbon storage and promote its positive role in the fight against the greenhouse effect.

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Forestry business

  • For Groupama Immobilier, forest sustainability means preserving biodiversity through careful, adapted management.


    Specialists of Forest Asset Management
    Groupama Immobilier’s highly experienced Asset Management teams ensure the sustainable, dynamic management of the forests entrusted to us – most of which are owned by Groupama Group.

    A global responsibility for sustainable practices
    Team complementarities enable us to carry out this activity with full consideration for the financial, social and environmental issues related to forests and their environment.

    Dynamic management in the field
    Our people in the field implement simple management plans at the various sites. They oversee tree marking, forestry work, surveillance, planting, road opening, stock taking, and relations with contractors and local administrations.

    The Forest Experts of France network
    A recognised forestry firm is in charge of our forests’ technical management. This long-standing partnership ensures high-quality supervision of logging activities and the efficient organisation of wood sales thanks to the Experts Forestiers de France network.


    This organisation enables efficient forest management, with consideration for social and environmental as well as business aspects.